• 3 years of experience in shipbuilding industry, proven experience required;
  • 3 years of experience in welding, process 135/136/138, in shipbuilding industry, proven experience required;
  • Knowledge of reading technical drawings, welding instructions WPS and analyze the situation in order to get a opinion in shapes and measures of the welded seams/joints and the required quality;
  • Language knowledge: basic English on a communicative level.


  • using methods , MAG 135, 136 and 138 M and materials Group 1. Plate (and preferably Tube) BW and FW, t 25 and up, positions PA PB PC PD PF and PE (and preferably HL-045). Certificates must be valid and with the necessary stamping;
  • must be able to gouge his own work; proven experience required;
  • must be able to grind his own work manually and brush clean; proven experience required.

Pay attention to:

  • remove slag residue;
  • maintaining the correct pre-heating temperature;
  • prevent crater cracks, sharp transitions between the tracks, fusion defects and undercuts.

Other tasks:

  • transport and positioning of sections or parts of the sections;
  • to check the weld by physical aspects and required measures;
  • visual inspection of the weld (deformations).

The candidate must hold valid welding certificates as well as a valid VCA certificate.