We are looking for Hydraulic Mechanics


the independent manufacture and assembly of pipe pieces;

the manufacture of pipe pieces and / or braces;

the fitting of pipe pieces, appendages, brackets and other supplies;

machining, grinding and grease removal of welds (burning, grinding);

bonding pipe pieces according to guidelines;

transporting pipe pieces, appendages and / or components to and from the workplace;

unsubscribe from pipe fittings, appendages and / or components according to guidelines;

signaling of deviations in the pipe material, components and / or drawings and informing the supervisor about this;

performing maintenance on the machines and tools with which work is performed and cleaning the workplace;

reporting failures to machines and tools to the supervisor;

carries out interim checks and final inspection of dimensions;

checking (punching) and extorting piping systems.



maintaining correct dimensions and quality of the manufactured and / or mounted pipe section and / or piping;

is responsible for the mid-term and final checks on dimensions;

the efficient manufacture and / or assembly of pipe pieces and / or piping;

taking care of the closed (tipped) holding of pipe pieces;

keeping your own workplace clean;

working according to established Safety, Health and Environmental Standards (such as following toolbox meetings);

correct operation of machines and use of tools;

keep track of the maintenance of the machines and tools;

the release of the product for the welder and/or foreman;

monitor quality requirements of pipe material and components.



Minimum 5 years’ experience as pipefitter in machine building

Experience with Hydraulics is a requirement

100% Self-employed.

Mastering the English language.


Machine building / Prefabrication

40 – 50 hours a week.